Good and Bad Design Examples

Good Design Example:

This website’s audience are young adults (men and women) who are interesting in fashion and want to buy fashion products. The purpose of this website is to advertise their products in fashion.

The text on this website is really clean, it is also very consistent and easy on the eyes. The graphics are really nice colours, there is a consistent colour scheme. You can see they have thought about the background colours (white and black) as they know that people could be looking at the site for a longer amount of time and these colours are proven to be easier on the eyes than a harsher black or brighter colour. There is no sound on this website. There is animation on the home page, there is an image slider that displays different products

This website is a good example of bad interactive design. The information is very cluttered. There are no navigation bars & the colour scheme is very irritating. I’m unaware of the target group because the information is very Non-fiction so i presume that it’s Adults in to science. Looking at this website I can not tell which parts are of advertisements and which is general information there aren’t any differences between the way information is displayed.

Bad Design Example:

This websites audience is teachers that teach graphic skills. The purpose of this website is to advertise their software. There is way to many moving images and colours, there is no colour scheme and this is really irritating.



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